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Looking for comfort when sleeping in your RV, Semi, Boat, or Cabin?

We have a perfect solution!  The RV Mattress Company is a Midwest family-owned business that designs and sells a diverse line of mattresses for semi trucks, boats, cabins, and recreational vehicles. 

Manufactured right here in Illinois, our mattresses are high-quality, supportive, and long-lasting. When we design your mattress, our goal is to incorporate all of the finest characteristics and attributes to offer you the most comfortable sleep you can imagine. 

Over the last 10 years, we have become one of the rare companies in the United States that offers custom-built, odd-sized mattresses.  If one of our designs doesn't fit your needs, we will custom design any mattress for you.
Our customer service is available seven days a week.  In most cases, we can deliver your mattress in five to seven days!  Please call us at (815) 419-4045 with any questions you may have. 
We accept VISA and MasterCard.
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